Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

When I first moved into my now home, I was delighted to find that the previous owners had planted two large shrubs full of the most scrumptious, fattest, pinkest, flowers with lush green foliage – peonies.


I was overjoyed. Thus began my love affair with this outrageously beautiful flower.  In my mind only a rose can compete with the perfection and fragrance of a peony.


I do appreciate that in addition to being beautiful and smelling delicious these blooms are relatively easy to grow and rarely bothered by pests or disease. The foliage stays lovely until frost and they are not invasive. What’s not to love.


One of the loveliest places to see peonies in bloom once the season starts is at Ottawa’s Central Experimental farm. You will find the peony collection in the ornamental gardens delightful. There are approximately 420 peony plants throughout the Central Experimental Farm, with about 250 different cultivars and hybrids. 


I had the craving to paint peonies again. You all know my penchant for flowers but painting peonies is always a special treat and I wanted something special and pink to display at the upcoming Art in the Park festival where I will be exhibiting some of my original watercolours including “Pretty in Pink” on June 8th and 9th booth #155.


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