What inspires your artwork?

What inspires your artwork?

My work depicts natural subjects with as much detail as possible, I try to showcase how beautiful these subjects are simply as nature designed them.

Through my art, I wish to help renew our connection to nature and inspire others to spend time in nature.
Feeling connected to something can ignite discussion and adjust our perceptions, inspire, spread awareness, and address issues like sustainability, threatened species and habitats. Nature is within us and all around us.
I am a watercolour artist. My work is largely focused on depicting the beauty of the natural world through a wide range of variations in colour and value.
Art serves many purposes including helping to open our eyes to the beauty of the natural world.
I hope viewers will look closely at a painting such as Fleeting for instance and appreciate its details, its rich colours, textures, shadows, form, and light.
I also hope viewers will want to reach out and feel the fragility of the petals and by extension the fragility of our natural world and the importance of reconnecting with nature.

It is vital to our survival to feel this connection.


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