Artist Bio


Based in the Ottawa/Gatineau region, Brigitte Klassen is a talented Canadian watercolour artist known for her stunning florals, landscapes, and use of beautiful, clean colours that capture the essence of light. 

Since her early years, Brigitte has demonstrated a profound passion for art. Through the exploration of various mediums and techniques, she found herself captivated by the ethereal beauty of transparent watercolours.

She explores diverse landscapes, finding inspiration for her exquisite watercolours. Each stroke is meticulously crafted, with an unwavering focus on intricate details. From vibrant blossoms to evocative scenery, her profound affection for the natural world radiates through her artistry, creating captivating works of art.

Brigitte and her husband, Peter, spend much of their time at their rural property in Northern Ontario, where she draws inspiration for her artwork. Nature has had a transformative effect on Brigitte as an artist, allowing her to connect with and relate to her surroundings. Through her art, she aims to inspire others to reconnect with nature. 

Flowers have a special significance for Brigitte, as they remind her of her grandmother's vibrant garden. As an artist, she takes pleasure in capturing their beauty in her paintings. Flowers represent love, friendship, and comfort; they bring happiness to people's lives. Through her art, Brigitte aims to communicate this deep sense of joy.

Her artistry has graced the walls of esteemed Ottawa galleries, such as the  Electric Street Gallery, Da Artisti Studio and Gallery, and Carleton Place Gallery.

Brigitte Klassen is currently represented at Melt Studio and Gallery where her art has received high praise and appreciation from art lovers and collectors alike.