Why I love painting flowers

Why I love painting flowers

I have always had a special relationship with flowers. I associate them, as many people do, with positive and happy moments. They remind me of my grandmother who had a big flower garden at the front of her house. Her father was a farmer and she understands how to make things grow. She taught me how to garden. I fell in love with all the wonderful smells, astonishing colours, and velvety textures in her garden.

What’s not to love about flowers? They are beautifully designed by nature. It’s not entirely surprising since they are designed to attract in order to grow and propagate. Flowers make people happy.  Flowers make me happy. My mood instantly changes when I receive flowers. I don’t think I’m alone in this sentiment. Right? Who doesn’t love being surprised with flowers or waking up to a lovely bouquet of fragrant flowers on your nightstand. Instant boost to your day!

As an artist, I love painting flowers.

They are my favourite thing to paint. I admire their beauty, shape and colour. There is such a range of diversity within the subject matter to make painting flowers endlessly appealing. Painting flowers is a huge pleasure for me. I can explore all the essentials of art knowing that I will showcase work that brings people joy.

Bringing people joy and connecting people to nature is what I want to focus on in my art practice. Doing this via flower paintings feels natural to me as a way of communicating with the viewer. Flowers connect us to nature, to loved ones, we tend to them, we nurture them, we offer them in love, in friendship and even in sorrow.

Flowers make people happy.  I am interested in painting happiness.


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