Artist Statement

I am a Canadian Watercolour Artist based in the Ottawa/Gatineau region.

Through my paintings I explore the beauty of light and celebrate the delicacy of watercolour.

For several years now I have considered transparent watercolour my primary medium.

I have come to love watercolour's fluid and unforgiving nature, its finality. It forces me to think ahead and with prediction and it rewards me with unparalleled delicacy, luminosity, and transparency. It allows me to depict the beauty of light and to coax real into being by revealing a wide range of variations in colour and value. It is my raison d'être, my passion.

As an artist inspired by nature, immersing myself in the outdoors to smell, hear and feel is part of my process. My work reflects my love of the natural world.

I love to awaken in others the beauty of the world around us whether it is a landscape, a bird or a flower. To have viewers look closely at a subject and appreciate its details, texture, shadows and light.

To fall in love and be in awe of the beauty that surrounds us.