Artist Statement

I paint to communicate, to express beauty and to feel fulfilled.

Realism because the tiny details of ordinary life inspire me.

Watercolour because it is luminous.

Flowers because they make me happy.

My work depicts natural subjects with as much detail as possible, I try to showcase how beautiful these subjects are simply as nature designed them.

My favourite subjects are unapologetically flowers. I admire their beauty, shape and colour. There is such a range of diversity within the subject matter to make painting flowers endlessly appealing. I can explore all the essentials of art knowing that I will showcase work that brings people joy. Doing this via flower paintings feels natural to me as a way of communicating with the viewer. Flowers connect us to nature and to loved ones, we tend to them, we nurture them, we offer them in love, in friendship and even in sorrow. Flowers make people happy.  I am interested in painting happiness.

A light filled landscape is also equally irresistible to me but for different reasons. Being in nature has been transformative for me as a person and as an artist and I feel a deep connection to the environment. When I paint landscapes, it is because the beauty of the place has stirred something profound within me. Whether I paint flowers or landscapes I do so using a wide tonal range with very light tones and very dark tones. Since our eyes are naturally drawn to these areas of high contrast the impact feels more dramatic.

Transparent watercolour has been my primary medium for over a decade. The transparency of the medium yields unmatched luminosity. Light travels through the water and between the pigments and bounces back off the white paper creating an amazing glow that sets it apart from other mediums. I have come to love watercolour's fluid and unforgiving nature, its finality. It forces me to think ahead and with prediction and it rewards me with unparalleled delicacy, luminosity, and transparency. It allows me to depict the beauty of light and to coax real into being by revealing a wide range of variations in colour and value.

I get immense satisfaction from the process of making art. Both the process which for me begins with a subject study and a detailed drawing and the final product have meaning for me. The process because it is my journey, my exploration, experimentation, discovery and for the sheer pleasure it offers. The final product because it reflects my vision, what I want to communicate. The culmination of my skill and experiences.

Art serves many purposes including helping to open our eyes to the beauty of the natural world. I hope viewers will look closely at my paintings and appreciate the details, the rich colours, textures, shadows, form, and light.

Equally, I hope viewers will feel the fragility of our natural world and the importance of reconnecting with nature. It is vital to our survival to feel this connection.